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Saving the Best for Last: Ruinart Champagne

We’ve long been enamored with grower Champagnes – those wonderful bubblies that are made and bottled by the very same people who cultivate and harvest the grapes. So trendy have these Champagnes become that it can easily be forgotten that the oldest winemaking tradition in this part of the world involves a relatively small group of specialty establishments who Continue Reading »

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Delicious Ideas for Summer Celebrations

Summer encompasses a lot of holidays, festivities and parties. Here are a few of our top picks for gifts and goodies as the thermometer starts to climb!

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2011 Holiday Gift Guide: For Food Lovers

Here at the shop, we recently had a very difficult brainstorming session. The task? To narrow down our products to a few select items that will be perfect gifts for the holiday season! Our lead cheese buyer advised on the cheese, our olive oil buyer came up with the olive oil and vinegar pairing and, in the end, the list was a team effort. We tried to find something for everyone and hope you find it helpful!