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Olive Oil from Proyecto Los Aires: Staff Tasting at the Source

by Nikki Crugnale Touring the Olive Grove at Proyecto Los Aires On a recent trip to Spain, I visited Proyecto Los Aires, a small olive oil producer based in Arcicollar, Spain. Husband-and-wife Guillermo and Laura operate this picturesque olive grove, about 1 hour from Madrid. Interestingly, both were biologists who changed career paths to pursue Continue Reading »

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Fragile Oil: The Decimated Olive Harvest of 2014

The winter of 2013-2014 was too mild. The spring and summer that followed, by contrast, were cool and wet. These seemingly innocuous conditions led 2014 to be one of the worst olive harvests on record in Italy and in parts of France. Bactrocera oleae, commonly known as the “olive fruit fly,” annually torments olive farmers Continue Reading »


Olive Oil Storage and Use

Storing olive oil is very simple: keep it stored in a sealed container away from heat and light. This is easier said than done if you use a lot of olive oil in the kitchen. Often a bottle of olive oil is kept on the counter, near the stove. This is certainly handy, but is Continue Reading »

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Crimes Against Olive Oil

Fraud scandals make it hard to trust the olive oil industry these days, but that’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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Revelatory Olive Oil: Welcoming a New Harvest

There’s no better time to taste the freshest olive oils on the market than late winter and early spring – but this is true only if you have access to a trusted retailer or a nearby olive mill.

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New-harvest Olive Oil from Liguria

In northern Italy, the olive harvest happens late in the growing year, usually during December and January. We’ve recently gotten in the first bottles of the new-harvest olive oil from our friends the Cottas, who live in the hills outside of Imperia in the Liguria region of Italy.