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Whole Grain Pasta from Mulino Marino

When it comes to exceptional flour producers, Mulino Marino tops the list. This family-run mill started in 1959 when Felice Marino learned of a small mill for sale in Cossano Belbo, a town nestled in the rolling hills and vineyards of northern Piedmont, Italy. The mill featured original millstones and rollers, and a fascinated Felice Continue Reading »

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Pasta Shapes and Sizes – A Brief Look

These days, pasta comes in all shapes, styles, and sizes; ranging from traditional long strands of spaghetti to themed macaroni and cheese options. Formaggio Kitchen has a sizable selection of dried pastas, because each unique shape or style serves a function. The wide variety of shapes and cuts we enjoy, stems from pasta’s long history. Continue Reading »

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Magic and Pasta: Poschiavo + Gioie di Fattoria

Sometimes it’s just handy to have a good dried pasta in the larder for spontaneous pasta-making. Fresh pasta (pasta fresco) and dried pasta (pasta secca) are really two different beasts. Since working at Formaggio Kitchen, I have become a devotee of a dried pasta made by Poschiavo (and I know several other colleagues who have too).