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Peeping Tom? Nope. Peeper Ale!

The Maine Beer Co. is based out of Portland and is a very young company. It was started by two brothers who began their brewing career experimenting in a garage. Their goal: to make something they would be happy drinking themselves.

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1809 Berliner Weisse: A Wheat Beer Fit for Napoleon

Eric is stocking both Dr. Briem’s Grut Bier and his 1809 Berliner Weisse. The latter is a very historic beer-style indeed. The beer’s name, “1809,” was selected because Napoleon and his army toasted their Prussian victory in that year with Berliner Weisse. However, this style of beer dates back much further. It can be placed to at least the 1600s when it is mentioned in documents of French Huguenots who were passing through Berlin en route to Flanders. Berliner Weisse is a wheat beer that is top-fermented and bottle conditioned. These beers tend not to be very hoppy. Instead, they are on the sour side. In Germany, they are occasionally ordered with flavored syrups to counterbalance the tartness.