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Decidedly American Hams: Mangalitsa and Red Wattle

Though Edwards hams have become an icon of the South and its distinctly American food traditions, the family didn’t set out to join the meat business. The company’s founder was a ferry operator, and he began selling his family’s cured ham on sandwiches to hungry travelers. They were a hit, and thus a much tastier business venture was born—thankfully for all of us, I’d say.

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Formaggio Kitchen Housemade Charcuterie

Julie makes a variety of fresh, cured and cooked charcuterie for our shop. We sell them throughout the year, but her recipes vary as the seasons change. We sell her bacon, pancetta, fresh sausages, rillettes and pates along with a number of other specialty items.

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From the Classroom: Pig Butchering Demo

On Wednesday evening, I had the good fortune to be able to sit in on a pig butchering demo here at the shop. The demo was conducted by Julie, our in-house charcutière, and Jason, the chef at our South End location. What a pair they made!

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Staff Charcuterie Tasting: YUM!

Julie, our brilliant in-house charcutière, took staff members on a tour of some of the different products she makes. This involved a lot of delicious eating (and drinking!) as well as some serious discussion.