Ledyard - Meadowood Farms

Country of Origin: United States
Region: New York
City / Village: Cazenovia
Type of Milk: Sheep
Cheese Style: Washed Rind
Flavor Profile: Strong

Meadowood Farms is an idyllic farm, smack in the middle of New York state where Veronica Pedraza creates a variety of cheeses using the milk from their flock of East Friesian sheep.

Ledyward is a soft cheese wrapped in local grape leaves that have been soaked in a local wheat beer. We typically get these cheeses when they are about 4 or 5 weeks old.

The cheese has a dense, fudgy center and a soft and oozy edge near the rind (called the "creamline"). Flavors are stronger than you might expect with a fresher cheese with farmy and yeasty notes along with a nice vegetal tanginess.

This seasonal cheese is typically available mid-June through February.

Produced By: Meadowood Farms
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Ledyard - Meadowood Farms
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