Pecorino Romano

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Lazio
Type of Milk: Sheep
Cheese Style: Hard
Flavor Profile: Medium-strong

This sheep milk cheese is an Italian classic. It is made between the months of October through July using a mix of morning and evening milk. Once formed, the cheese curds are cut into rice size granules and heated again before being drained, cut into chunks and then packed in molds and pressed. Each pressed round is then stamped with the DOP mark and dry-salted several times. As with prosciutto salting, the art of salting Pecorino Romano is a well-respected skill carried out by eye and acquired through years of experience. Pecorino Romano is generally aged for a minimum of 5 months. Throughout the aging process, the cheeses are washed periodically with brine.

Pecorino Romano is often used for cooking - it has a noticeable salinity that helps to accentuate and elevate the flavors of any dish. However, it is also excellent as part of a cheese plate, especially when paired with a dollop of honey, fresh figs, a drizzle of Fig Vincotto or an aged balsamic vinegar.

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Pecorino Romano
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