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Shelburne Farm 2 year Vermont Block Cheddar


Slice it nice and thick to top your favorite burger while still on the grill - cover the grill and let it melt - we like our slice of cheddar to be melted but still firm in the center for a toothsome bite.

Part of our Summer Cheese Selections

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Part of our Summer Cheese Selections

Shelburne Farms, in Shelburne, VT, was created as a model agricultural estate in 1886, by William Seward and Lila Vanderbilt Webb.  In 1972, it became an educational nonprofit, and operates a successful dairy and bakery on the property.

Shelburne Farms cheddar comes in a variety of ages, and we've tasted them all. This two-year old cheddar is our favorite. It has a crumbly texture that turns creamy on the palate, and has fruity flavors with a full, sharp finish. The cheese is made from the raw milk of their grass-fed Brown Swiss cows. Pairs nicely with apple or pear jams.

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Region Vermont
Country of Origin United States
Type of Milk Cow
Flavor Profile Medium-strong
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