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Quinta do Freixo Red Tomato Jam - 450g

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We were introduced to this fantastic "Doce de Tomate" during our visit to Portugal in 2010. On our visit we tried a few tomato jams, both green and ripe red versions, and it was this particular jam that stood out for its perfect balance of sweetness and full tomato flavor.

Certainly an off-the-beaten path flavor in this country, tomato jam is much more common in Europe and is typically spread on toast or crackers, or paired with fresh, somewhat salty cheeses.
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Region Algarve
Country of Origin Portugal
Producer Quinta do Freixo
Type of Fruit Pumpkin
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Quinta do Freixo

Quinta do Freixo is a sprawling farm of 2,700 acres in the Algarve region of Portugal, working in a variety of farming sectors including animals, produce and prepared products such as the jams and fig cakes we import.

The business is still run as a family project taking advantage of synergies between the various works on the land while keeping their impact of fragile areas to a minimum.

Its natural landscape, characterized by a valley surrounded by slopes of the mountains and crags, which form a natural boundary of the property and support a rich biodiversity.

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