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Piantagioni del Caffè Lagoa do Morro - 1Kg

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 Piantagioni's approach is a close collaboration with a generation of growers who focus on quality, rather than quantity, while also researching and rediscovering varieties that have been undervalued and often have disappeared from the market.

This Arabica coffee comes from the Lagoa do Morro plantation, in the southern part of the Brazilian state of Bahia.  The beans are wet-processed to retain the clean, fresh acidity of the beans.  It has a sweet aroma, delicate flavor and notes of cocoa on the finish. 

The labels on each bag of Piantagioni coffee are designed to give you information relevant to the origin of the coffee as well as an indication of its flavor profile.  This bag has an yellow label which indicates a coffee that is balanced, soft, sweet, full-bodied, and creamy.

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Region Tuscany
Country of Origin Italy
Coffee Bean Origin Brazil
Coffee Format Whole Bean
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