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Pandolce Chocolate & Hazelnuts


This is a dense and crumbly chocolate and hazelnut sweet bread that is best served lightly toasted. 

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Pandolce Genovese is a typical Ligurian sweet bread made in celebration of the Christmas season. Said to have originated in the Middle East, and brought to Genova by traveling merchants, Pandolce is like a more rustic Panettone. When our chocolate buyer traveled to Genova, she brought back this beautiful Pandolce. After tracking down the producer (usually the best producers are the hardest to find!) we finally made contact and prepared our first holiday order. 

Many families will have their own particular, carefully guarded, recipe but each will be based on the same essential ingredients.   This chocolate and hazelnut Pandolce Farcito (filled) uses flour, butter, sugar, raisins, candied fruit, pine nuts, Antilles rum, milk, eggs, honey, vanilla, yeast, and  baking powder. It is filled with Venchi chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts. 

This is a dense and crumbly sweet bread that is best served lightly toasted. It reaches its pinnacle of flavor when paired with a steaming cup of coffee or a glass of marsala wine.  
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Region Liguria
Country of Origin Italy
Producer Panifici "Berti"
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Panifici "Berti"

"The \"Berti\" bakery started in 1896 when Luigi Ferretti, the great grandfather of Stefania, started a fresh pasta workshop. Gabriele Ferretti continued the tradition building the business with his sons, Luigi, Maria and Roberto, and beginning the bakery by installing a large baker's oven.

The family has strong affection for the US because it was the Marshall plan that helped them buy the flour they needed to bake the bread for their community following the war and into the Second World War. In 1955 a new oven was built according to the latest technologies of that period. In 1988, Stefania together with her husband Marcello, took over the family business and continues with it today.

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