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Pain Poilâne Levain

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Please note: this product is sold by the pound. A full loaf is approximately four pounds, and a one-pound piece is approximately a quarter-loaf. For example, if you order a quantity of 2, this means you will receive half a loaf.

We receive our shipments of this bread weekly on Wednesday. This means orders received prior to Wednesday at 12:00 noon EST will be shipped overnight on that Wednesday for Thursday delivery. Orders received after Wednesday at noon, will be shipped the following Wednesday. If you have specific shipping requirements, please call 1-888-212-3224.

For people who know and love bread, the name Poilane is associated with the pinnacle of traditional levain-style bread. We started working with Lionel Poilane in the mid 1990s by flying his bread in each week to support a small, but growing group of customers who had developed a taste for his bread on their trips abroad.

The sign "Ici Pain Poilane" went up in our window and since then we have had a steady demand for this amazing bread. This Levain is their most traditional and best known bread. The name comes from the natural leavening agent of the same name. This is a natural yeast that slowly leavens the bread and produces a loaf that is beautifully fragrant, dense, yet porous, and keeps very well (for a week if refrigerated). In addition to this loaf, we bring in their currant loaf and their walnut loaf.

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Region Île de France
Country of Origin France
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