Piedmont 1994

This image sets the stage for our visit to the region surrounding Castelmagno. Here is a monastery we came upon as we drove up and up and up into the alps where we were surrounded by heavy fog and cool air that gave a mystical feel to the place, no one was around it was very serene and quiet.

This is the sign that greeted us when we visited cooperativa agricola "La Poiana" a cooperative producer of Castelmagno. The mountainous region and the cool, damp air made this a perfect environment for aging this incredible cheese.

We soon found ourselves in the dark, damp caves tasting wheel after wheel of this famous cheese. We were amused by the innovative and unpretentious use of tape to keep a cracking wheel together (lower center of the photo).

Further along in our trip, we visited caves that were aging other regional cheeses Bra and Raschera.

Back in the office we witnessed the branding that is given to each cheese by hand.

On our way back from visiting the cheese caves and on our way to meet up with Matteo to buy some truffles, we got a bit lost and ended up heading down the most incredible switchback. Great views and fun (albeit slow) driving but unfortunately no way to turn around.

We arrived a bit late at Matteo's restaurant but settled right in to pick the white Alba truffles we would take back with us to Boston.

As we open this travelogue with a photo showing the natural and refined architectural beauty of the region, so we close with a photo of the more rustic architectural beauty of the region.