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Mulino Marino Rastrelli Pasta - 500g

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This pasta is made through a partnership of Mulino Marino and an artisan pasta maker near Rome. This particular pasta is made using Senatore Cappelli flour that is stone ground at the family mill in Cossano Belbo, Piemonte. The slow grinding and low heat help preserve much more of the wheat's nutritional value and flavor. This particular type of flour was the primary wheat variety used in Puglia and Basilicata in the 1930s and 40s. In fact, up until the 1960s, Senatore Cappelli was the wheat grown in roughly 60% of the wheat fields throughout Italy. It was first established through genealogical selection by Strampelli Nazarene in 1915. The variety was named after a senator from Abruzzo named Raffaele Cappelli who was a supporter of early 20th century agricultural reform in Italy which was responsible for (among other things) the distinction between hard and soft wheats. Senatore Cappelli was very popular because it gave good yield, was highly adaptable to various growing environments and was a relatively hardy crop. Senatore Cappelli has a high protein content and is ideally suited for making bread and pasta. The deep ridges and slightly rough texture of this pasta make it ideal for grabbing onto any sauce it is served with. We love to allow the flavor of this unique flour to shine through by coating it simply with butter and a sprinkle of Parmigiano-Reggiano, but it does work perfectly in gooey and cheesy baked pasta dishes,
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Region Piedmont
Country of Origin Italy
Producer Mulino Marino
Pasta Shape Short Cut, Small Cut, Specialty
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