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Maras Pepper - 4oz pkg.


A bright, deep red pepper with a medium, balanced, lingering heat.

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Maras is a bright, deep red pepper with a medium, balanced, lingering heat.  On most tables in Istanbul you will find small bowls of both Maras and Urfa pepper. Use just as you would ground black pepper, but with far more interesting results.

All of us at Formaggio Kitchen just love this pepper! For more on this and Urfa pepper, visit our travelogue.

Please note our spices are listed by volume, not weight, unless otherwise specified.

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Region Maraş
Country of Origin Turkey
Type of Seasoning Peppers
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  • Turkish Stuffed Eggplant (Imam Bayildi)

    I made the above recipe from Saveur magazine. The day I served it to my wife, she said the stuffing with the Maras pepper was to spicy. The second day, as leftovers it was wonderful. The bite had smoothed out but the flavor was perfect. The pepper made the dish.

  • Everyday pepper (use on everything!)

    This red pepper not only tastes really great, it gives such a beautiful color too your food. This pepper is incredible on eggs! It is not spicy at all, has a lemony sweet taste but is not sour. My secret ingredient! Absolutely great for grilled meat and baked fish.


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