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Maglio Fichi al Cioccolato - 400g

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We found these figs on an Oldways trip to Puglia several years ago. We knew they were good--great, evem--but we had no idea of the stir they'd cause. Sure, good press helps (the figs were featured in Saveur Magazine after some editors tried them), but the real clincher is in the taste. Tender dried Salento figs are filled with a touch of lemon peel and a whole locally grown almond, then are enrobed in dark chocolate (60% cacao) and packed in a gorgeous wooden box. A great treat for a fig lover (or a chocolate lover for that matter), and as with all of the Maglio products, a lovely gift. Each box contains 15 chocolate covered figs.

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Region Puglia
Country of Origin Italy
Producer Maglio
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Maglio uses only the finest local ingredients for their chocolate making, just as they have since the shop opened in 1875. Their passion is really a philosophy that is evident from the quality of their ingredients to the detailed beauty of their packaging. We've grown partial to a few treats, which make perfect gifts. From their simple tavolette of pure origin chocolate, to their amazing Golosie: whole dried fruits from the groves and orchards of Puglia lightly preserved with maraschino liquor and covered in the highest quality Maglio blend of forastero and criollo cacao.

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