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Greek Pine Honey with Ceylon Cinnamon, Karpos - 250g

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When given a choice, we typically prefer simple products that highlight the nature of a single, traditional ingredient or traditional recipe. When we saw this jar of pine honey blended with Ceylon cinnamon, we were skeptical...

That skepticism changed very quickly once we tasted it. The Ceylon cinnamon has such a distinct flavor and aroma that pairs perfectly with the dark aromatics and flavors of the pine honey. Pine honey is made not from floral nectar but from honeydew, the bees' collection of tree sap. We love to spread this on a slice of crusty bread prepped with a touch of salted butter - instant and amazing cinnamon toast! Pair with some more aged, strong cheeses like our Pecorino Gran Riserva.

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Country of Origin Greece
Producer Karpos
Honey Source Melata
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Karpos was founded in 2010 to introduce small Greek producers to food lovers around the world. Each jar of honey is labeled with the name of the beekeeper who produced that batch.

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