Our Wine Selection

Our Approach to Wine

Our wine philosophy is simple: we like delicious and unique wines from small producers.

We believe smaller producers know their property and their grapes more intimately than larger producers and this allows them to take greater care of their grapes, their wines and the environment in which they are produced. In our experience, it is this care that imparts their wines with a true sense of place. The more clean and chemical-free the vineyard, the more the grapes express their characteristic flavors and the essence of the land in which they grow.

For these reasons we support sustainable, organic and biodynamic producers who believe in letting the personality of the grapes and the vineyard shine through. Some grower-producers instinctively rebel against the idea or the politics of Organic or Biodynamic certification, therefore these formal certifications are not as important to us as a close relationship with the grower-producer himself.

Similar to our approach for other products we sell, we discover winemakers by visiting their properties as often as possible to see for ourselves their commitment and passion for offering wines that offer a sense of place.  For example, we have come to love a pretty Dolcetto d'Alba that reminds us of Piemonte or a bright and clean Touraine that brings to mind the fresh goat cheeses of the Loire Valley.

After years of tasting and visiting we have formed strong bonds with some of our favorite winemakers, who we now consider to be our friends. The following is a list a few of our nearest and dearest winemakers, with links to their websites (when available).

We encourage you to stop by our shops in Cambridge and the South End of Boston to find wines from these producers.

Matteo & Cristina Ascheri
Sergio Mottura
Pierre Frick
• Francois of Domaine du Traginer
• Teobaldo and Augusto Cappellano
Lorenzo of Corte Marzago
Gabriele Buondonno
Johannes Leitz
The Saahs family of Nikolaihof
Michael Moosebrugger of Schloss Gobelsburg
Stefania Pepe