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Florida Tupelo Honey with Comb - 16oz

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This tupelo honey is produced by Don Smiley in Wewahitchka Florida. He produces the best tupelo honey we've found by carefully timing the movement of his hives so his bees can capture the purest white tupelo nectar possible. For this special  honey, he includes a slice of honey comb which can be removed and sliced for a particularly attractive presentation.

The bloom season (April - May) is short and the swampy environment of the Apalachicola River basin makes collection much more challenging than other honeys. In order to certify a honey as tupelo, it only has to be certified as containing 50% tupelo honey. In a good season, Don's honeys are certified as containing 95% or more.

Tupelo honey does not crystallize because of its sugar makeup which is higher in fructose and lower in glucose than many other honeys. Because it doesn't crystallize even in its raw form, tupelo is a highly prized honey. For more information about buying honey, please check out our honey buyer's guide.

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Region Florida
Country of Origin United States
Producer Smiley Apiaries
Honey Source Tupelo
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Smiley Apiaries

Don Smiley came to beekeeping later in life after several other careers including oysterman in the Apalachicola Bay.

He started out with eight colonies of bees and after years of dedicated learning, he gained the experience needed to begin a commercial beekeeping business. By 1996, the initial eight colonies had grown to several hundred.

Today, Don produces the best Tupelo honey we've found. He aims for the purest Tupelo he can produce with careful hive management to capture the purest Tupelo he can.

Commercial Tupelo can contain as little as 50% Tupelo honey and in a good year, Don's will be around 95%.

His Tupelo honey production is from the white tupelo trees that grow in the Apalachicola river basin in North West Florida. Don's honey 100% raw, unheated and un-filtered.

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