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Duckett's Caerphilly

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Duckett's Caerphilly, was originally made by Chris Duckett, in Somerset, England. The cheese was traditionally made as a quicker ripening (and thus quicker to market) cheese as compared to cheddar which could take up to 18 months or beyond to fully mature.

Late in life, Chris moved the cheesemaking operation to Westcombe Dairy, where he had a bit more help with the making and maturation of the cheese.

After Chris passed away in 2009, his work was taken up with renewed vigor by Westcombe Dairy's Tom Calver who continues to make it today.

The cheese has a thin, earthy rind and the paste is a light ivory color which darkens near the rind as it ripens. The cheese is mild, but wonderfully complex. It has a touch of sharpness that mingles with the flavors of milk and hay.

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Region Somerset
Country of Origin England
Type of Milk Cow
Flavor Profile Medium
Rennet Type Animal
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