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There is an art to making an excellent cocktail. A large part of the art is in the maker, but we find again and again, that it is the exceptional ingredients that really set a fine cocktail apart from its peers.

This bundle is your secret weapon. Morris Kitchen in Brooklyn is making several incredible syrups and their ginger syrup was the first to get us hooked. It is strong and potent and a little bit goes a long way. Even when blended with nothing more than sparkling water, this syrup forces you to sit up and take notice.

Quince and Apple produces various syrups and jams and their cherry grenadine stands out as our ace in the hole for the perfect Champagne Pick Me Up or a colorful Grenadine Gin Fizz.

If you know cocktails, you know Luxardo cherries and how essential they are for your Manhattan. We find plenty of other ways to use them!

You may also know June Taylor as the woman from Berkeley who works magic in preserving fruit, but you may not think of her in the context of cocktails. Her line of syrups will likely change that with flavors such as wild fennel, or rose geranium syrup.

When we started our bitters collection, we sampled numerous producers from coast to coast and Dram from Colorado was one that stood out for consistently perfect preparations. We carry a variety of their bitters and this bundle includes one of them for you to experiment with. A dash of bitters in some of your standard preparations may surprise you with an added level of flavor.

Get shakin'!
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