Specialty Platters

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Small Platters serve 10, Medium Platters serve 20, Large Platters serve 30 as an appetizer course. Additional fees may apply for additions or alterations.

The Classic Cheese Platter
$80.00 small / $120.00 medium / $175.00 large
This signature platter features traditional cheeses hand-picked by our expert cheesemongers. It is accompanied by a platter of assorted crackers and garnished with fruit and nuts.

The Connoisseur Cheese Platter
$115.00 small / $175.00 medium / $250.00 large
A thoughtful selection of hard-to-find cheeses, from small-production farms dedicated to preserving traditional cheese making techniques and directly imported by Formaggio Kitchen. Accompanied by a platter of assorted crackers and garnished with fruit and nuts.

The Local Cheese Platter 
$115.00 small / $175.00 medium / $250.00 large
Highlights a wonderful assortment of our many delicious hand selected local cheeses from small production farms in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York to name a few. Accompanied by crackers, seasonal chutney and garnished with nuts and fresh fruit. 

Italian Antipasto
$60.00 small/ $100.00 medium / $145.00 large
This robust assortment of Italian delights is a popular addition to any party. Piled high with salami, prosciutto, and a selection of Italian cheeses and garnished with roasted red peppers, marinated olives, pickled eggplant, and artichokes. Sliced bread is included for serving. 

The French Sampler
$60.00 small/ $125.00 medium/ $170.00 large

The perfect mélange of French classics: a selection of housemade charcuterie, Jambon de Paris, and saucisson sec alongside some of our favorite French cheeses. Served with Niçoise olives, haricots verts, French cornichons, and accompanied by a sliced baguette.

The Spanish Sampler

$70.00 small / $125.00 medium / $170.00 large

A hearty platter piled with Spanish delicacies, including two Spanish cheeses, sliced Jamón Serrano, authentic chorizo, toasted marcona almonds, olives, piparras peppers, quince paste and a rustic sliced baguette.

Charcuterie Platter

$80.00 small / $115.00 medium / $160.00 large

This assortment of charcuterie includes a selection of housemade pâtés, thinly sliced cured meats, and artisan salami. Garnished with French cornichons, marinated olives, and whole-grain and Dijon mustards, and accompanied by a sliced baguette.

Middle Eastern Meze Platter

$50.00 small (serves 15) / $95.00 large (serves 30) - Add extra chips $8 per small bowl, $12 per large bowl
Our housemade Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and Muhammara spreads surrounded by marinated olive and feta salad, stuffed grape leaves, cherry tomatoes, and a basket of our crispy pita chips for dipping. A wonderful platter for vegetarians.

Classic Spreads Platter
$30.00 small / $45.00 medium / $60 large
Your choice of spread - Southern style pimento cheese, classic ham salad, or creamy egg salad - surrounded by sliced crostini. Small platter = 1 spread, Medium platter = 2 spreads, Large platter = all 3 spreads.

Brie en Croûte
$95.00 Serves 15 / $125.00 Serves 30
French brie topped with a seasonal fruit conserve, wrapped in an all-butter puff pastry, and baked until golden brown. We accopmany this platter with a bowl of sliced baguette.

Garden Crudité
$45.00 small / $80.00 medium / $100.00 large
A selection of fresh vegetables from our produce department, typically including broccoli, asparagus, carrots, cherry tomatoes and bell pepper. Served with choice of creamy blue cheese dip or feta and roasted red pepper dip.

Roasted Vegetable Platter
$60.00 small / $95.00 medium / $125.00 large
A bountiful platter featuring fresh local produce lightly tossed in extra virgin olive oil and roasted until golden and caramelized. A perfect accompaniment to grilled meats! 

Smoked Salmon Platter
$115.00 one size, feeds 20 - Add a dozen bagles, $14.00
One and a half pounds of hand-sliced Atlantic smoked salmon, traditionally garnished with finely diced red onion, hardboiled egg, and capers, and a crème fraîche sauce served on the side. Perfect for cocktails or brunch.

Fresh Fruit Platter
$40.00 small / $75.00 medium / $95.00 large
A beautiful assortment of the freshest fruits available, sliced and ready to eat! Our fruit selection changes with the seasons.

Dessert Platter
$4 per person - 5 person minimum
Assortment of delicious cookies and bars selected by our baker and garnished with fresh berries. Two deserts per person.