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Alice’s Macarons

French macarons

Alice’s Macarons

Affectionately named after our baker, Alice’s macarons are made following traditional French methods using almond flour, sugar and egg whites. Alice adds a bit of color to the mix to distinguish the flavors of her fillings which include pistachio (green), chocolate (dark brown) and raspberry (pink).

Macarons may seem simple to make, but with experience one quickly learns they are very difficult to make well, especially consistently. Seasonal variation in New England brings drastic changes in humidity, requiring adjustments in baking times and oven temperature – just one of the challenges to making the perfect macaron!

After years of refining her recipe and technique, Alice’s macarons have reached a level of quality not typical of most States-side macarons. Of course, we’re biased, but we’ve tasted many macarons in France and at home. Alice’s macarons have the perfect balance of crunch, chew, flavor and sweetness. Our batches are small and while we strive to keep all flavors in stock, due to popular demand, we may run out from time to time.

If you’d like to place an order for macarons, please call the shop 617-354-4750 and ask for the bakery.

Due to the fragility of these delicate treats, we do not ship our macarons.