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Our Kitchen

Our sandwich selection at Formaggio Kitchen South End

A few of our daily sandwich selections.

Our kitchen staff prepares an array of fresh foods daily, including breakfast muffins, cupcakes and bars, sandwiches, and take-out lunch and dinner items. Each morning we fill our deli case with an assortment of fresh sandwiches made on breads from three local bakeries. Any of these sandwiches can be grilled to order on our panini press.

Throughout the day we prepare an assortment of seasonal salads and side dishes, many with ingredients sourced from local farms. Our daily Dinner Menu offers a main dish and two sides available for pickup after 2pm. We also roast organic chickens every day, another popular dinner item.

In our freezer case you will find ready-to-cook or reheat items like cheese gougères, housemade Macaroni and Cheese, Mini Meatloaves, Tomato Basil and Bolognese sauces. We also stock a ready supply of housemade chicken, veal and vegetable stocks, as well as rendered duck fat, leaf lard and salt pork.

In addition offer items from our Catering Menu with house-prepared platters and appetizers, perfect for your next party or office meeting.

Visit Our Staff page for more information and biographies of our Chefs Andrea and Patrick. Our Kitchen team is happy to hear any comments or suggestions you may have about any of our prepared foods. Feel free to send an email to our catering department.