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Boerenkaas-Veenweidekaas Reserve

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Veenweidekaas is a true Boerenkaas (literally farmer's cheese) of exceptional quality that has specific regulations applied to its production. We have worked for a number of years to find a producer of this quality Gouda and we were lucky enough to find Lidia and Theo van Leeuwen and their 35 cows who produce this cheese on their farm in the West of Holland (between the cities of The Hague, Leiden and Zoetermeer.

The farm is 4 centuries old and is built on a dike, behind it is the "polder" (dry pumped land) where their cows graze (currently 4 meters below sea level).

The cheese is made fresh everyday from that day's milking which helps the cheese preserve more of the natural flavors and smells of the milk. Lidia and Theo choose to salt their cheese minimally, resulting in the cheese ripening more slowly (eg. The 5 month old cheese we have now tastes like a 2 month old Gouda) but this allows the cheese to develop more pronounced flavors. Their older Gouda's for example, have a much stronger, more characteristic flavor and are still nice and creamy. As with all of our relationships with cheese makers, the older cheeses come with time...

Veenweidekaas is a special cheese that is known for the requirements for sustainable production in consideration of the land and the wildlife that share the farmland. In the Spring Lidia and Theo search out all the birds nests in their meadows and protect them so they don't get trampled by the cows and so the eggs can be hatched in peace. The meadows are mown in a criss-cross pattern, leaving every other patch untouched for these nesting birds and other "wild" life and wild flowers.

The Veenweidekaas label which depicts a Snipe and the Lis flower symbolizes the beautiful landscape of the polder. Their particular spot is amazing, it seems to be in the middle of nowhere, which is next to impossible in Holland.

This is the reserve version of the cheese which has been aged for more than 2 years.  Even at this age, the cheese maintains a delicious creaminess while offering the crunch of protein crystals and a big sharpness on the finish.
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Country of Origin The Netherlands
Type of Milk Cow
Flavor Profile Medium
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