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Why We Love Beaujolais for the Holidays and You Should, Too

beaujolais 2017 picks

2015 Domaine Thillardon Chenas, 2016 Domaine Dupeuble Beaujolais

You don’t have to know a lot about wine to enjoy it, but misconceptions can get in the way of widening our experience. Some I regularly encounter: that German white wines are always sweet, that Burgundy can be made in California, that sherry is something only maiden aunts and Oxford dons should be seen drinking.  When we pour Beaujolais, folks often reveal that they know it appears in November, that it’s cheap, and that it tastes like Welch’s grape juice with a banana thrown in.

For many, Beaujolais begins and ends with Beaujolais Nouveau — or, even more narrowly, with the mass-produced, additive-laden, highly manipulated version of it. Now, there is some proper, naturally-made artisan nouveau out there (more on this later), but the holidays are a grand time to get acquainted with Beaujolais’ more serious side, and for a very good reason: It’s hard to think of a wine region that packs more sheer deliciousness into a bottle.  You won’t encounter oak influence, high alcohol, or raspy tannins.  These wines are never challenging.  Continue Reading »

A Brine Time was had by All: Choosing the Right Wine for Seafood

Judging from the questions I field every day in the wine corner here at Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge, food and wine pairing continues to be a major cause of uncertainty and, frankly, anxiety. My sense is that a significant part of the problem is a too-fussy approach to the topic in general. Your home is not Continue Reading »

Wine Weekenders: Wine to Grab & Go & Give

Headed for the Cape, Islands, mountains or beach house this weekend? We’ve got just the thing to bring along: a Wine Weekender “suitcase” from Formaggio Kitchen. This sturdy, lightweight, reusable and recyclable tote packs three bottles of wine from our renowned value shelves. Your pre-packed suitcase comes with either three dry, crisp white wines or Continue Reading »

Jean-Paul Dubost’s Extraordinary Beaujolais-Villages

We’ve described it as natural, happy, delicious and (yes) perfect. Why? Because in the 2015 vintage this hits all the pleasure points: bright, juicy fruit, just-right acidity, plush tannins and a scoop or two of that lovely Beaujolais earth. The source of the fruit is Domaine du Tracot, in the Dubost family since 1902, situated Continue Reading »

A Wine Quiz from Stephen

Over the summer, Chris Kimball and Stephen Meuse recorded their final radio spots for America’s Test Kitchen, in which they discussed wine. Starting soon, they can be heard under Kimball’s new brand, Milk Street Kitchen. The very last spot recorded featured a pop quiz on wine facts that Stephen sprung on Chris to see how much he learned in the last five Continue Reading »

Q & A with Richard Kzirian

Violette Wine Cellars is the importer, distributor, and retailer for natural and biodynamic wine where Richard Kzirian, long time friend of Ihsan and Valerie Gurdal, has challenged the wine scene for decades. Valerie reached out to chat with the wine pioneer himself about the industry and his perspective on how it has evolved in the last few decades. Ihsan and Continue Reading »