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Summer Living: Uinta Brewery’s Sum’r Ale

Uinta Brewing - Sum'r Ale

For your summer enjoyment, we would like to recommend a fantastic seasonal six-pack from Uinta Brewing in Salt Lake City, Utah – a blonde ale appropriately named Sum’r. It’s a “session beer” by definition which means it’s low in alcohol, very clean –  essentially, a brew designed for a “drinking session,” in which the modern idea is to try an array of beers.

Sum’r is made with malts and Sorachi hops, both of which are organic. Sorachi hops were created by Sapporo brewing in Japan, and are noted for their lemony characteristics and versatility. The Sum’r ale pours a clear straw color with a bright white creamy head. It has balanced aromas of fresh hops and light malt which meld on the palate with crisp, citrusy flavors and more complex herbal notes.

Sean, our beer buyer, is stocking Sum’r for as long as it’s available – in cans (and sometimes bottles) – for all your lazy, crazy summer days. Perfect after a hot day of mowing the lawn or alongside your favorite barbecue fare.