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Questions Commonly Asked About Cheese

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When we started this blog, one of our main goals was to answer some of the questions we most regularly get on the cheese counter. As our blog’s archive has grown, we realize that some of these posts are becoming a little bit difficult to find so, here, under one header, we bring together the answers to some of those commonly asked questions!

  1. How do I put together a cheese plate?
  2. Do you eat the rind on this cheese?
  3. What exactly are double and triple-crème cheeses?
  4. What is a washed-rind cheese?
  5. How should I store my cheese?
  6. BONUS: a little bit of cheese history.

We hope that these posts continue to help folks understand and love cheese as much as we do. As always, please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!