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Our Friends Across the Pond: Neal’s Yard Dairy

Neal's Yard Dairy Covent Garden Shop
We carry a wide selection of cheeses from the British Isles: Ardrahan, Berkswell, Montgomery’s CheddarStilton, and Stitchelton to name but a few. One of the reasons we can count on this rich diversity and exceptional quality is the passionate team of cheese caretakers at Neal’s Yard Dairy.

This venerable London-based cheese shop and distributor started in the late 1970s when Randolph Hodgson, the current owner, began working directly with cheesemakers, hand-selecting wheels to take back to the shop in Covent Garden where they would mature and eventually be sold to customers. Today, Neal’s Yard also runs an aging facility called the Arches where they care for traditional English cheeses and prepare orders to be shipped throughout the world.

Formaggio Kitchen has been working with Neal’s Yard Dairy since their early days of distribution in the U.S. Over the years, several staff have spent time working at Neal’s Yard, including owners Ihsan and Valerie, and their son Kurt, who manages our Cambridge store. Most recently, Anthony, who works in our South End shop, spent two weeks working at Neal’s Yard, wearing their signature navy blue apron and cap. He helped care for cheese in the Arches, and worked in both of their retail shops, gaining a deeper understanding of the rigors of caring for cheese from cave to counter.

We encourage you to sample our cheeses from Neal’s Yard the next time you visit us to see why they are such an important part of our cheese collection.