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One Perfect Rosé: Gobelsburger Cistercian Rosé 2013

Schloss Gobelsburger Rose with ChevreFor the past few years, Gobelsburger Cistercian Rosé has been one of our bestselling, most loved rosés, and a consistent favorite at staff tastings. This past weekend, my neighbors and I shared our first bottle of the new 2013 vintage at the end of a long, humid day. The cramped apartment was hot and the kids were sticky and grumpy, but as soon as we tasted that cool, crisp wine we all sighed and relaxed into our seats. It didn’t hurt that on the first pour there was a bright little bit of effervescence to perk up tired taste buds!

Schloss Gobelsburger Vineyards

Gobelsburger Vineyards

A blend of Zweigelt, Saint Laurent and Pinot Noir grapes, Gobelsburger Cistercian Rosé has a mouthwatering tang that offsets a subtle, dry, strawberry note that makes you want to take another sip. This is an excellent rosé on its own, as it has a perfect balance of acidity and fruit. We also love the way Gobelsburger Rosé pairs with fresh goat cheeses, seafood (especially fried seafood), BBQ, or pretty much anything you eat outdoors in the summer. Best keep a second bottle on hand in the fridge – this baby disappears fast!

Schloss Gobelsburger Estate

The Gobelsburger Estate

We have winemaker Michael Moosbrugger to thank for this springtime treat, as well as the Cistercian monks of Gobelsburg who have been making wine from these vineyards since 1171. Gobelsburg is located about a 45 minute drive from Vienna in Austria; there, Michael continues the monastery’s long tradition of winemaking without the use of pesticides and herbicides. So, a big thanks to Michael, and here’s to a deliciously warm summer filled with wonderful pink wine!

Julie Cappellano is the General Manager and Wine Buyer at Formaggio Kitchen South End, Boston.