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Olive Oil from Proyecto Los Aires: Staff Tasting at the Source

by Nikki Crugnale

Touring the Olive Grove at Proyecto Los Aires

Nikki meets the owners of Proyecto Los Aires olive oil

Formaggio Kitchen staffer Nikki meets Guillermo and Laura of Proyecto Los Aires

On a recent trip to Spain, I visited Proyecto Los Aires, a small olive oil producer based in Arcicollar, Spain. Husband-and-wife Guillermo and Laura operate this picturesque olive grove, about 1 hour from Madrid. Interestingly, both were biologists who changed career paths to pursue family traditions, teaching themselves the art of olive oil production.

It was an early Sunday morning as we began our journey by bus from Madrid to Arcicollar. When we arrived, Guillermo picked us up at the bus stop in the town of only 800 residents.  He took us to their oldest grove, with trees dating back at least 200 years.  Much to our surprise, this was the beginning of an informative yet exciting morning. Continue Reading »

Alice’s Olive Oil Cakes

Alice has been the Formaggio Kitchen baker for more than 25 years, and we love to test our hands at her recipes from time to time. These tender and delicious olive oil cakes are the perfect way to show off the subtle flavors of your favorite olive oil! When she makes a batch for the Continue Reading »

Fragile Oil: The Decimated Olive Harvest of 2014

The winter of 2013-2014 was too mild. The spring and summer that followed, by contrast, were cool and wet. These seemingly innocuous conditions led 2014 to be one of the worst olive harvests on record in Italy and in parts of France. Bactrocera oleae, commonly known as the “olive fruit fly,” annually torments olive farmers Continue Reading »