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New Year, New Cider!

New ciders for 2015! Bonny Doon Vineyard's Querry, Flag Hill Farm's Sapsucker, and Eden Ciders' Honeycrisp and Windfall Ice Cider.

New ciders for 2015! Bonny Doon Vineyard’s Querry, Flag Hill Farm’s Sapsucker, and Eden Ciders’ Honeycrisp and Windfall Ice Cider.

If you’ve been paying attention over the past few months you may have noticed our cider selection has expanded exponentially. At the moment we’re carrying more than 30 varieties of cider from whole swath of producers, both domestic and international.


Recent notable additions include Flag Hill Farm’s Sapsucker, Bonny Doon Vineyard’s Querry, and Eden Ciders’ Honeycrisp and Windfall Ice Cider.


Sapsucker is an organic cider—dry, and slightly carbonated, with plenty of funk from wild fermentation. At 9%ABV it’s one of the stronger ciders on our shelf.


Querry is a novel mix of 62% pear, 34% apple, and 2% quince juices. The mix is off-dry and extremely quaffable. This is the first cider from Bonny Doon, a Californian wine-maker.


If you’ve already tried Eden’s ice and regular ciders you know how special they are. Their new Honeycrisp and Windfall ice ciders don’t disappoint.


The Honeycrisp is a single varietal, with plenty of honey-sweetness, but featuring enough acid to balance out the overall flavor. It takes 4 lbs of apples to produce each 187ml bottle.


The Windfall, which we carry in larger 375ml bottles, contains juice from more than 30 heirloom apples from the Windfall Orchards in Charleston, Vermont. We can’t say enough about this stunningly complex ice cider. Look for notes resembling summer stone fruits that round out the wonderful apple flavors.


Teddy Applebaum is the Beer Buyer and BBQ Grillmaster (as well as part-time cheesemonger and chef) at Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge.