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Gemma’s Pick: Toasting the New Year with I Clivi’s Spumante

I Clivi Ribolla Spumante

Wondering how to ring in the New Year? Our Cambridge wine buyer, Gemma, recommends welcoming 2013 with Az. Agr. I Clivi Spumante, a bubbly made from the native varietal Ribolla Gialla, cultivated in Italy’s prestigious Collio growing appellation. The grapes are 100% organically farmed and no sugars are added.

The primary input – the fruit itself – is what makes this wine so good. The grapes come from a remote, old vineyard with sedimentary soils. Gemma tells us too that I Clivi’s principal, Ferdinando Zanusso, feels Ribolla is even more acclimated to producing sparkling wine than Chardonnay, given its prominent acidity and great minerality. Bright and citrusy with a round, elegant palate of herbal notes, this sparkler leaves you craving for more the instant your glass is half empty. Whether you’re toasting at midnight or celebrating the following morning at brunch, it is sure to delight. An added bonus – because it is 11.5% alcohol and organically farmed with very little sulfites added, one can drink this with minimal risk of a headache the following morning!

Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge offers this wine in two sizes: magnum and 750ml.