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Consider Bardwell: Makers of Delicious Cheese

Consider Bardwell Sign

Consider Bardwell cheeses constitute a stronghold in the domestic section of our cheese counter. We have been carrying cheeses from this outstanding dairy for some years now – day in, day out, they maintain a standard of excellence and consistency that, if you are familiar with cheesemaking, know is a real challenge and, when executed, is a true achievement.

Founded in 1864, Consider Bardwell, which straddles the Vermont/New York border, was the first cheese-making co-op in Vermont. Today, Angela Miller, Russell Glover and Chris Gray constitute the team reviving the farm’s local cheesemaking tradition with goat milk from a herd of 100 Oberhaslis and cow milk from three neighboring farms. The goats graze on a rotational basis on pesticide- and fertilizer-free pastures, yielding marvelously tasting milk. All of Consider Bardwell’s cheeses are made by hand in small batches from milk that is antibiotic and hormone free. Only microbial rennet is used and all of the cheeses are aged on the farm in their extensive system of caves.

Dorset by Consider Bardwell


Available on a seasonal basis, here are a few of the cheeses that we get from Consider Bardwell:

Rupert – This cheese is made with raw Jersey cow milk and is named for one of Vermont’s oldest towns. Its creation was inspired by European Alpine cheeses like Gruyère and Comté. Each wheel clocks in at roughly 25-pounds and is aged a minimum of six months, developing a delicious, nutty complexity. Available year-round.

Pawlet – Like Rupert, Pawlet is made with raw Jersey cow milk. These wheels, however, are modeled after Italian tomas and are aged 4-6 months. Weighing in at roughly 10-pounds, this cheese develops a creamy paste with a bit of a bite that, as the cheesemakers point out, makes it great for both sandwiches and/or a cheese board! Available year-round.

Manchester – A monger favorite at the shop, this is an aged cheese made with goat milk. It develops a beautiful earthy sweetness, very different from the tang of fresh goat milk cheeses. It is named for Manchester, VT, and is generally available throughout the year with the exception of April-June (kidding season).

Dorset – A delicious washed-ring cheese made with raw Jersey cow milk. Generally semi-soft in texture and often presenting peanutty notes, it pairs mighty well with beer. Available year-round.

Danby – This is an extra-aged, raw goat milk cheese, inspired by Italian sardos like Piave and Asiago. These 20-pound wheels are aged a minimum of six months. Very more-ish, it works well for grating but is also delicious paired with traditional Italian antipastos or on a cheese board with figs and a drop or two of saba. Generally available January – June.

Consider Bardwell cheeses are available in-store at our Cambridge and South End locations – a portion of our Consider Bardwell selection is also available online.