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Cheese of the Week: Ombra

Ombra - an aged sheep milk cheese from Spain

Ombra - aged sheep milk cheese from Spain

You likely know Manchego and perhaps even Garrotxa, two of the most popular Spanish cheeses sold in the U.S.  but you may not know Hailey’s cheese pick this week: Ombra.  As a new member of the Formaggio Kitchen team, Hailey was immediately taken with Ombra’s firm texture, beautiful ash-colored rind and mildly sharp flavor of dried grass, herbs and fresh sheep milk.

Ombra Sheep Milk Cheese from SpainOmbra is produced by Josep Cuixart in the Spanish region of Catalunya or Catalonia.  It is aged for about 6 to 8 months and we frequently allow it to ripen a bit longer in our caves.  We like it when it has developed a fully nutty sweetness and has an interior paste interspersed with crunchy protein crystals.  The name Ombra means shadow and we suppose it is in reference to the lightly molded rind that gives the exterior of the cheese a grayish hue.

Wheels of Ombra CheeseAs usual the cheese of the week can be found up at the check out area of our store and is also available on our website.