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Cheese of the Week: Mahón

Mahón is a semi-firm cows milk cheese from the Spanish island of Menorca. The flavor profile and consistency depends on not only the producer’s specific recipe but also their preferred age profile.  As Mahón ages, it loses moisture and the flavors become concentrated.  A young Mahón from a larger producer tends to have a uniform semi-firm texture inside a bright orange rind.  It has milder flavors with hints of the salt and hay that develop more intensity as it ages.  The Mahón we carry (and the one we prefer) is from a smaller producer and has a flakier, though still creamy texture and a more distinct farminess that balances perfectly with the flavors of salt (imagine pasture near sea spray buffeted coastline!), butter and fruit flavors.  The cheese of the week can be found at the register.

Mahon Cheese from MenorcaMahon Cheese from Menorca