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Italian Holiday Sweet Breads 101: Panettone, Pandolce, and Panforte

by Julie Cappellano

At Formaggio Kitchen we prepare months in advance for the busy, festive holiday season by placing orders, stocking up on gift baskets and ribbons, and planning our holiday menus. By October we’re ready and waiting for the first harbingers of the holidays to arrive from Italy: fluffy, hand-wrapped panettone from Perbellini. About the same time these gorgeous sweet breads arrive, we’re also on the lookout for incoming pandolce and panforte.

What’s inside all of those beautifully wrapped boxes? We all have our favorites, because we taste them all every year. To help out those of you who don’t stuff your faces as much as we do, here’s a handy Italian Sweet Bread cheat sheet, from Panettone to Panforte, with a little Sbrisolada thrown in for good measure. Continue Reading »

Alice’s Olive Oil Cakes

Alice has been the Formaggio Kitchen baker for more than 25 years, and we love to test our hands at her recipes from time to time. These tender and delicious olive oil cakes are the perfect way to show off the subtle flavors of your favorite olive oil! When she makes a batch for the Continue Reading »

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