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A Different Kind of Spice: Peppercorns (Part 2)

Pink Peppercorns and Bali Long Pepper

Pink peppercorns and Bali long pepper — two particularly striking alternatives to the standard peppercorn.

Peppercorn berries may have originated in India, but plenty of other places around the word have sought similar spice qualities in local plants that are now also called peppercorns. In Part 1 of our series on this “king of spices” we looked at the wide range of peppercorns available from the piper nigrum plant. In Part 2, we’ll take a closer look at five other well known types of peppercorns that are not to be confused with “true” peppercorn berries.

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Cooking with The King of Spices: Peppercorns (Part 1)

With over ten varieties of peppercorns at our Cambridge shop alone, something as simple as pepper can be pretty overwhelming. Here’s a closer look at that most essential of spices: the peppercorn.

Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Condiments, Cutlery, Cheeses and more!

After months of careful selection and sampling, our staffers have gathered together their top picks for this year’s holiday season!

Butter, Beurre and Burro: What Distinguishes Different Butters?

Here at the shop, we carry quite a variety of butters and sometimes folks ask us what distinguishes them from each other – a very fair question!