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Lamplighter Brewing Co. and Formaggio Kitchen Team Up For Summer Beer Garden

When we hear the word “summer” at Formaggio Kitchen, the first thing that comes to our mind is barbecue. And not just any barbecue, but the one we have every Saturday right outside our shop that we wait all winter long for. Slow cooking for days beforehand, the aromas of the BBQ pit build throughout the week, reminding customers and staff alike what’s coming. Voted Best Street Food by Boston Magazine in 2007 and one of the top ten best new BBQ joints in the US by Bon Appétit in 2009, it’s no wonder we have a massive line down Huron Avenue from start to finish. And if we do say so ourselves, we’ve only gotten better over time. 

But what’s a BBQ without beer!?

So what better way to kick off another sunny season in Cambridge than with both? Since we’ve already got the BBQ down to a science here, we’re teaming up with a local brewery who knows their beer like we know our meat. 

Presenting: Summer Beer Garden & BBQ!


Lamplighter Brewing Company, located just a few minutes outside of Harvard Square in Cambridge, has a goal to “make beer that you’ve never had anywhere else.” From funky flavors to sharp sours, this brewery is redefining what it means to brew beer in Boston. Take a step into their taproom, gander over their menu, and you’ll see why. When you go from sipping Werewolves, their robust fruity porter, to Ele, a spicy floral saison, to Yoshimi, a tart sour with cold brew coffee, you know you’ve just entered a beer enthusiasts dream.

Formaggio Kitchen and Lamplighter Brewing Co. are bringing you the best of both worlds on Sunday, June 18th. From 6-8pm, our grill will be cooking up all your BBQ favorites while Lamplighter will be pouring some of their fresh and unique beers. Of course, no BBQ is complete without lawn games, music, and plenty of friendly conversation. You’ll even get your own Lamplighter glass to refill throughout the night. The event will take place at the Formaggio Kitchen Annex at 67 Smith Pl #13a just off Concord Ave.

summer beer garden

Get your tickets here while they last!

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