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Beer and Cheese Notes: Bink Bruin from Brouwerij Kerkom

Bink Bruin (Belgian Dark Ale) from Brouwerij Kerkom in Kerkom-Sint Truiden, BelgiumThe first Saturday I had off after BBQ season finished, I finally got around to trying Brouwerij Kerkom’s beer Bink Bruin. It is phenomenal. I had it with dinner, a grilled salad sort of thing: grilled steak tips (medium rare) on my own garden arugula with grilled tomato and apple slices, Stilton chunks and a blue cheese mustard vinaigrette. And the beer was a perfect match.

Bink is a very complex Belgian dark ale. It has lots of brown flavors: tobacco, coffee, vanilla, caramel, pine, but also has some subtle wood and liquor notes (kind of heading towards whiskey), so it stood up to the blue cheese and definitely took to the grilled elements. However, I think for a straight “eat this cheese, drink this beer” pairing not involving a whole meal, I’d recommend something like Dorset or Magdalena Captein. Dorset would highlight the more sour woodsy notes of the Bink, Magdalena (or any aged gouda, really) would be all caramel and roasted flavors.

Among the many hats he wears, Eric Meyer is the beer buyer, grillmaster and a cheesemonger at Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge.