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A Trio of Champagne Half Bottles

Laherte Fréres, Chartogne-Taillet and Jean Vesselle Half Bottle Champagne

A half-bottle of Champagne is the perfect size for starting off an evening of romantic dining for two. The bubbles refresh and perk up your palate, but you still have room to share a full bottle of wine with dinner. Likewise, a half bottle of bubbly can give you just the right amount of buzzy cheer if you’re serving it with a bit of cheese in lieu of a large meal. Here are three of our favorite Champagne halves paired with three Valentine’s Day moods.

Laherte Fréres Grand Brut Ultradition

Laherte Fréres is registered as a négociant-manipulant because they buy grapes, but the cool thing is that all the grapes they buy are purchased from other family members. Their Ultradition is their non-vintage cuveé, and it’s predominantly made up of Pinot Meunier. Clean and crisp with notes of pears and a little toasty nuttiness, this is a good choice for wooing someone you’d like to know better.

Chartogne-Taillet Cuvée Sainte-Anne

Chartogne-Taillet is run by the energetic (and handsome) Alexandre Chartogne. He farms according to biodynamic principles and plows with a horse-drawn plow. His Cuvée Sainte-Anne is made up of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir. Dry and minerally but with a honeyed richness – sip this with your life partner as you contemplate the mysteries and intricacies of existence.

Jean Vesselle Brut Réserve

The Vesselle family has been making Champagne in the village of Bouzy for over 300 years. Their Brut Réserve is made from 80% Pinot Noir, which gives the wine a lovely red fruit character. This Champagne is the best choice for igniting an evening of fiery passion!

Julie Cappellano is the General Manager and Wine Buyer at Formaggio Kitchen South End, Boston.