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A Seasonal Cheese Plate

Goat KidFor many, Easter and Passover confirm that spring has truly arrived. Here at the shop, spring means we can prop the front doors open, visit more local farms and it means an increase in our supply of fresh goat milk cheeses. Spring is kidding season at many of the farms we work with and involves some seriously hard work. It is also some of the most enjoyable to witness. Personally, we’ve been caught watching this video several times. Taken at Consider Bardwell Farm in Vermont at the start of the season, baby goats never lose their charm!

At this time of year, we also start drinking lighter-bodied wines. And, it was with this in mind that Kurt, the lead cheese buyer at our Cambridge shop, gave us these recommendations for a seasonal cheese plate:

Brebis Pardou – We regularly travel to the French Pyrénées to taste wheels of traditional brebis collected and aged by Fromagerie Pardou. Each season, we celebrate subtle variations in both taste and texture. Typically, this brebis offers a delicate yet complex flavors of fruits, nuts and cream. Best paired with black cherry preserves.

Tronchetto Caprino al Miele – This log of goat milk cheese comes to us from Piedmont, Italy. It has a tang typical of the milk type but because the cheese is brushed with honey as it ages, the finish is sweeter than usual with a lovely earthiness.

Moses Sleeper – One of the most recent additions to the repertoire of Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, it has fast become a top seller on our cheese counter. Made in the style of Camembert, with milk from the farm’s herd of Ayrshire cows, it is milky and vegetal with delicate notes of hay.

Manigodine – Made in the style of Reblochon by husband and wife team, Guillaume and Murielle Burgat, this cheese is rich, earthy, nutty and toothsome. Excellent with a crusty baguette and a glass of Seyssel.

Bleu du Bocage – This exceptional Loire Valley blue was originally crafted as a goat milk version of the classic French sheep milk blue, Roquefort. However, this cheese more than stands on its own as a pungent and complex blue with flavors of toasted nuts and fruit.

  • I had the pleasure of tasting Jasper Hill Farm’s Moses Sleeper on a recent trip to Vermont. So glad to find Vermont artisanal cheeses close by – I think they have the potential to give France a run for its money! Can you please tell me if you carry the Vermont cheeses “Bijou” by Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery and “Lady in Blue” by Lazy Lady Farm, one of the most delicious blues I’ve tried in recent years?

    • Hi Isabel – Thank you for reading and glad to hear you enjoy Moses Sleeper too! Regarding the other cheeses you mention – I am afraid we don’t carry cheeses by Lazy Lady Farm. However, we do have Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery cheeses – not Bijou – but at the moment we have in stock Cremont and Bonne Bouche which are also delicious!

      • Will definitely check those out – thanks. And if you ever do order Lady in Blue, PLEASE tell me – it rivals (and resembles) Stichelton in my opinion as a high favorite among blues! 🙂

        • Will do! We’ll also pass on your rave review to our domestic cheese buyer – he always likes to get customer feedback.