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A Few of Our Favorites: Spring Goat Cheeses

Grazing GoatTraditionally, spring is a time of the year when farms pause in their milking cycle so that newly-arrived, baby animals get the milk they need to start a healthy life. In late spring to early summer, milking for the purpose of cheesemaking resumes, and our shops start to receive an abundance of delicious, fresh and lightly-aged cheeses. This is a wonderful time of year to taste the best of seasonal cheese both locally and from afar.

Here we share a selection of some of our favorite goat milk cheeses, ranging in texture and place of origin – from Spain, to France, to right here in Massachusetts. Recommended pairings include: a crusty baguette, raisins on the vine, Floriano Turco’s wildflower honey, a wedge of Duck Pâté and Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps.

Sage Farm Madonna


If you are local to one of our stores – in Cambridge, the South End of Boston or Essex Market in New York – we invite you to come in and sample these delicious goat milk cheeses!

Robiola di San Lorenzo – This exquisite round of lightly-aged goat cheese is relatively new to our repertoire. Kurt and David, lead cheese buyers for our stores, discovered this robiola last fall while attending Cheese in Bra, Italy. Made in small quantities, it is both tangy and a little yeasty.

Mothaise sur Feuille – “Sur feuille” means “on a leaf” in French. And, true to its name, this small round of goat milk cheese is wrapped in a single chestnut leaf which makes for a beautiful presentation. It has a wrinkly, ivory-colored rind that covers a slight ooziness, giving way to a slightly cakier paste towards the center of the cheese. The flavors are lactic and creamy with a very gentle tang.

Ruggles Hill Creamery Ada's Honor

Ada’s Honor

Madonna – Molly and Katie Pindell of Sage Farm in Stowe, Vermont, began making cheese in 2008. Their cheese, Madonna, is a small, bloomy-rind goat milk disc that has fast become a favorite on the cheese counter. The paste is dense but rich and creamy with a clean, fresh flavor.

Ada’s Honor – Made at Ruggles Hill Creamery in Hardwick, Massachusetts, this small cheese is shaped like the French cheese, Chabichou. The farm’s small herd of six does provides the milk for this cheese which is then expertly handled by cheesemaker, Tricia Smith. It is usually Michael, Tricia’s husband, who then delivers the cheeses to our shop. Due to the high quality of their milk, Ruggles Hill Creamery cheeses are always rich in flavor and Ada’s Honor is no exception – lightly lemony with a hint of earthiness.