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This massive alpine cheese (90 pound wheels) is a crown jewel in the world of Savoie cheeses, if not in all of France. Each wheel requires about 130 gallons of milk to make and the final form is about 30 inches in diameter and 6 to 7 inches tall. The edge of the cheese has a concave shape which is the result of the form's band that tightened around the cheese when it begins its year-long (or more) aging process. Beaufort is produced in the valleys of Beaufortain, Val d'Arly, Tarentaise and Maurienne using raw milk from the Tarine or Tarentaise breed of cow. Beaufort is made throughout the year, but to our taste, the best wheels are made using summer milk. Cheese made in the co-op style with summer milk (May through September) is called Beaufort d'été.

We work with the Paccard family who ages these wheels to our desired age and we bring in whole wheels to ensure their quality. This cheese itself has a dense but buttery texture, with a deep flavor of nuts, hay and some even say they get a taste of the alpine herbs that the cows have eaten.

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Region Rhône-Alpes
Country of Origin France
Producer Fromagerie Joseph Paccard
Type of Milk Cow
Flavor Profile Strong
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Fromagerie Joseph Paccard

Joseph Paccard is a relatively new affineur. Located in the village of Manigod in the Savoie region of France, Paccard and his sons carefully select the farms they work with, developing close relationships with cheesemakers. This means the cheeses we receive are of an exceptionally high standard. All of the cheese the Paccards sell and age is \"fermier,\" meaning it is being made by cheesemakers who are raising their own animals. They select fresh wheels of cheese and care for them in their caves until they are ready to be sold.

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