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Beans and Grains Collection

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This collection includes five of our favorite pantry staples - from beans, to grains.

Rancho Gordo works closely with farmers in the US, Mexico and South America to promote the more flavorful heirloom bean varietals that have been pushed aside by commodity bean crops. We include one package of heirloom beans in this bundle.

Also included is a packet of Lentils du Puy. These renowned lentils are, like champagne, a protected food item in France. Tiny and a beautiful dark green, they are sourced from the Auvergne region of southern France and are prized for their high mineral content and nutty flavor. We like to use them for salads and soups.

Gioie di Fattoria grows the ancient red farro grain on their farm in the Le Marche region of Italy, just north of Abruzzo. Whole grain farro looks a bit like fat kernels of rice but cooks up very differently with a nutty flavor and chewy texture that holds up perfectly for soups and salads.

The Viola farm is located in the Umbria region of Italy where they cultivate fields of delicious and hearty legumes and grains. Included in this bundle is a bag of their dried chickpeas.

Mulino Marino is a family run mill in the Piedmont town of Cossano Belbo. They source Italian-grown organic grains and mill them using their ancient stone mill. Their yellow corn meal is made from an heirloom corn known as otto-file for the eight rows of kernels on the cob. This is an essential for any true, slow-cooked polenta.
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