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Arraya Sables Pur Beurre Cookies

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We discovered the Arraya jams on a trip through the Pyrenees, and on a subsequent visit, we had coffee with the two brothers who brought out a plate of these cookies. We inquired whether they make enough to sell some to us, and they said they thought they could make some small orders for us. For a family that runs a restaurant, hotel and small boutique, this was no small feat.

These cookies are traditional French sables with plenty of butter to give them an incredibly flaky and rich texture. They are addictive on their own, but they go particularly well with a pot of Assam tea or an espresso.
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Region Aquitaine
Country of Origin France
Producer Boutique Arraya
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Boutique Arraya

The Fagoaga family runs a beautiful hotel, restaurant and boutique in the Basque town of Sare. We were fortunate enough to stay in their hotel, eat in their restaurant and ultimately import some of the traditional jams they make by hand and sell in their shop.

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