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Annatto Seed - 4oz pkg

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Annatto, also known as achiote or roucou, comes from the seeds of the achiote tree indigenous to tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world.  The seeds are an amazing brick-red color that is powdery and sticks to anything it touches.  The color is striking enough that it was traditionally used for cosmetics, textiles, and in some cases war paint! It is sometimes used as a coloring agent for butter or cheeses, like Mimolette and Cheshire.

Annatto seeds have a mild, peppery taste and can be used to add color to many dishes by first cooking the seeds in oil to extract the color.  Discard the seeds and use the liquid to give your rice, chicken, or fish dish a bright orange color. You can use the powder in the same way, without having to deal with the seeds.

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