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Anatra Framboise Meeker

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The Meeker variety of raspberry may have originated in the U.S. but it has been adopted around the globe due to its perfect balance of size, color, hardiness, aroma and of course flavor. Corsica offers the perfect environment for this fruit to reach its peak and Aurélie and Christophe capture all of the best qualities of this fruit to create one of the finest raspberry jams we've had. This was the first jam of theirs we tasted and the one that got us hooked.

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Region Corsica
Country of Origin France
Producer Anatra Conserverie Moderne
Type of Fruit Raspberry
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Anatra Conserverie Moderne

A dynamic young company, ANATRA Conserverie Moderne is the labor of love for Aurélie and Christophe, aesthetes and gourmands, keen on culinary innovation, who have joined forces to create a range of fine products.

The original idea was to produce jams by respecting the seasonal cycle of products. Over time, they have decided to respect this traditional approach while bringing their own innovation and whimsy to their offering.

Working with local Corsican producers favoring organic and sustainable agriculture, they create their jams in batches not exceeding 4kg of fruit when cooking. This technique allows them to allow the true expression of the fruit without using excess sugar or any dyes or preservatives.

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