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Ames Farms Buckwheat Honey - 9 oz

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Ames Farm produces some of the finest single-varietal honeys in the U.S.  In any given year, they harvest upwards of 15 different varietal honeys by meticulously monitoring the predominant blooms of the season, and their 18 different hive sites throughout Northern Minnesota.

This honey is collected on an organic farm with rich peaty soil in the Blue Earth River Valley.  This is a deeply flavored honey that is as intense as a Provençal chestnut honey, but it has hints of tobacco and plum.

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Region Minnesota
Country of Origin United States
Producer Ames Farms
Honey Source Buckwheat
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Ames Farms

Ames Farm is a virtual farm with five orchards and 300 hives in 18 bee locations spread out over a large area of central and southern Minnesota. They produce several varieties of raw, single source honey (honey produced from the nectar of primarily one type of plant).

Brian Fredrickson takes a very particular approach to honey production that is rare in the U.S. (though more prevalent in Europe) in that he tracks the blooming plants carefully and removes frames from his hives as each blooming is complete. This allows him to clearly identify the nectar source for each honey down to the specific hive it was harvested from. Each season, he can produce up to fifteen varietal honeys.

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  • The last honey you'll ever need

    Buckwheat honey's are not the same. This one from Ames stands out. It's heady, rich, thick, earthy, and bold. I tasted it many years ago at the Mpls farmers market and was immediately hooked. I highly recommend you get this - in the large. It's a conversation piece. Share it with friends and they'll either get it or not. If they don't, unfriend them. We've since moved away from MN, but still come back and the first thing on the list is to pick up this honey or ask visitors to bring it with them.

    Thanks Ames for your quality honey!

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