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Alziari 5% l'huile d'olive Bar Soap - Lavender

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A South End Formaggio customer saw Alziari's olive oil and asked where the soap and gel douche were. We never carried them but told him we would try them in on our next shipment. We called him when they came in, he was delighted. He told us we saved him thousands since he didn't have to travel to Nice just to get his wife soap. We were happy to help. Although we hope she still gets to go to Nice. Softens skin and rough hands. Perfect for the bath or the kitchen sink.

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Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Country of Origin France
Producer Alziari
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The Alziari mill was built in 1868 on a former mill's ruins. When it was first constructed, it was in the middle of the country and since then, the city of Nice has grown up around it.

Alziari produces their olive oil using a traditional method called "Genoese" where the olives are ground for two to three hours, at which point the stone pond is filled with cold water and the oil that comes up to the surface is immediately taken out to be settled. The pulp is put into "scurtins" (baskets made out of coconut fiber) and squeezed to release the remaining oil. Made using the native "cailletier" variety of olive, the resulting oils are smooth in character with a clean, ripe olive flavor.

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  • Alziari Soap

    I bought this soap first in Nice, France. Absolutely love it. It is long lasting and makes my skin feel fabulous. I'm thrilled to be able to buy direct from you.

  • Alziari Soap and Forrmagio Kitchen

    My wife and I first bought Alziari soap, on a cruise excursion in Nice, France. She has dry skin. The olive oil ingredient helps a lot. She fell in love with it and has used it almost exclusively since. I like it too. She has used the douche and all three fragances of the soap. Lavender is the favorite. Unfortunate my it is very hard to find in the US. Thankfully I found Formaggio Kitchen carries it. The price may seem high but keep in mind it's milled soap and lasts much longer than supermarket bar soap. Formaggio Kitchen was featured on This Old House. We haven't been there yet always ordering on line, but definitely want to get there some time soon.

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